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Let me tell you about me….

I’m a naturopath, a clinical herbalist, a traditional Chinese medicine practitioner, and a lecturer.
Naturopathy and Chinese medicine are the leading tools in the natural medicine world today. The art of combining a modern evidence-based approach with the eastern ancient traditional medicine provides a more holistic view and has better results in treating health issues. The reason is that this approach does not simply treat the symptoms but also aims to uncover and deal with the root cause of the illness.


Natural medicine takes the viewpoint that a physical imbalance is usually a result of an imbalance in lifestyle, which can originate from poor nutrition, insufficient movement, emotional stress and overwork. My approach uses a combination of reflexology, acupuncture, twi-na, herbal medicine and nutrition to carefully create a tailored plan for the specific needs of each patient. The purpose of the process is to restore the balance and vitality of your body and mind to achieve better health. So how can the treatment be of use to you and to your family? Any disease or pain is the body's way to alert us that something is wrong. I will always advise to never overlook these warning signs.​

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The first step is to meet for consultation during which we will uncover and understand the source of the imbalance. Then I will create a plan with practical and structured steps and recommendations to apply to your day-to-day life. In addition to this, you will also receive natural medicinal products, which will enhance the results and help you work with your body to gain breakthroughs in your general health. Working together with this system, we can bring your body back to its natural state of health by supporting its own healing abilities through nourishment, replenishment, relaxation and movement.

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